Disaster averted... gas heater installation

Gas Heater.JPG

A customer called us reporting a smoky room and an ineffective gas heater, apparently.  When we arrived we noticed black soot all over the room and blinds.  She was lucky to be alive!  She was fortunate that the gas heater had started a fire.  When we disconnected the gas heater and moved it aside we confirmed what we had feared.

Can you see the problem in the image above?  Every gas heater has a flue for the unburnt gas to escape.  In this case it was a rectangular opening in the back of the heater.  This has to be connected to the outside air somehow so that the unburnt gases can escape.  In this case, it was not connected to the outside and the waste air was circulating in the room... a potential fire hazard, as well as an obvious health issue! 

Never install a gas heater yourself unless you are qualified.  Call us and we will make sure it is installed safely and efficiently.  If you suspect that your gas heater is not operating correctly please call us to be sure.  You never know... you could be saving lives and a lot of heartache.


Chris Pattas

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